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In this beginners class, you will learn a series of key blacksmithing techniques and the foundations of practical skills for making decorative ironwork. We will also explore the history and background of the craft in addition to forge safety and efficient use of the tools.

Throughout the course of the day, students will develop their skill and technique to make their very own hand crafted item to take home, while enjoying the creative process. The opportunity to create, not just observe the movement of hot steel, the goal is your discovery of the satisfaction of seeing a completed, tangible and functional piece of art.

Please contact us if you are interested in spending the day with us learning this old world trade.  Pre-purchase is available. This could make a wonderful gift for someone.


Private dates available upon request for four people.



You may purchase your Blacksmithing Class Here.


There are No Refunds. We can reschedule or transfer to another student. 

No phone calls. All booking needs to be done through the website or by emailing


Blacksmithing Class

  • Master Blacksmtih James Greisinger will be teaching the class. 

    He has been creating functional metal art for over 20 years and is an inspiring and passionate teacher of this old world trade.


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