Bag of 3 Bulbs of high quality seed garlic. 

Forage & Farm sends for laboratory testing annually to screen for various diseases to mitgate against potential diseases that can inflict garlic.

Our crop is hand planted, ammended with worm castings, mulched with non-dessicated straw, organic compost teas are applied as foliar sprays and harvested by hand. 

Great care is taken at each step of the garlic growing process which takes almost a full year to complete.


Comes with instructions on how to grow your own delicious hardneck garlic in our climate.


Available for Pick up at Seedy Saturday Market in Hillhurst

March 16


Organic Seed Garlic - Mixed Bag

  • Our seed garlic is tested annually in a lab for disease. We select our seed stock carefully to ensure the best quality and characteristics of that particular cultivar. 


  • We will calculate your shipping costs after your order is placed and notify you of the costs.

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