Forage & Farm is proud to be sponsoring a three-day Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop at our Farm on August 2-4


Participants are introduced to:

Plant spirit allies
Communicating with living plants

Food plants as medicine

Working with herbs and trees

Rituals and ceremonies
Spirit of soil and land
Spirits of nature and health

Flower/plant essences 


Instructed by Gizelle Rhyon-Berry

About the Workshop:

With increasing speed, our world is sadly polarizing away from nature, especially from the plant world - the very essence and basis of our physical existance. Plants are instrumental in human evolution not only by providing food, shelter and medicine, but in our spiritual experiences and development of our consciousness as well. In this experiential course, we will explore the many ways shamans engage our green world for healing, guidance and wisdom. The beauty and grace of plants are astonishing, and the loving kindness emanating from them is truly inspiring. You will leave this weekend with new tools for better health and more joyful life. 


About the Teacher:

Gizelle's grandmother, a village herbalist in her native Hungary, inspired her love for plants. This inspiration was the beginning of a dedicated and passionate reverence to the wise teachings of both the natural and non-ordinary worlds. She is a nature lover and passionate gardener. On their West Coast island garden, Gizelle and her daughter grow most of their green food and attend to hundreds of domesticated and wild medicinal and food plants including many at risk of extinction in their wilderness habitat.


A map will be sent out after registration. 

We look forwrard to seeing you.

Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop

  • For more info on the content please contact Gizelle at:


    Phone: 778-462-2248 


    To Register, you can book your space here. 
    Contact Cheryl at forageandfarm@yahoo.ca for directions and any information on where to stay over the weekend.