Held at Forage & Farm

Partnered with Full Circle Adventures

November 30


Geared towards supplementing homeschoolers seeking experiencial and educational adventures. (Ages 8 and up)


Join Full Circle Adventures in a winter outdoor adventure. Learn about simple shelters for warmth, what to carry in your pack, and a few winter teas from the bark and needles of different trees and shrubs. 


For these workshops:

Dress for the weather that day

Always wear warm fleece, wool or polyester socks, NO cotton

Warm clothing layers, no cotton shirts

Close fitting gloves and warm loose gloves

Good sturdy footwear that is warm

A day pack for the adult and child 

Small rope (NOT yellow nylon) or long shoelaces

Small tarp

Adults only; a Swiss Army knife or small folding saw

A thermos of hot water and a personal mug




$45 per person. Please sign up for each person attending and I will require the names and ages. 



Tea Forage / Winter Survival (Nov. 30) for Homeschoolers