Held at Forage & Farm

Partnered with Full Circle Adventures

October 17


Discover the early history of Alberta by role playing! Learn about the Blackfoot nation, the first Ranchers, the early Farmers, and the Metis people. The land is full of plants that are a treasure for tools, food, medicine, and culture.


You get to experience the land through the eyes of the people that lived her in the 1880’s. 


This is a "hands on" adventure, discovering the plant world in a fun and experiential way. 

Points covered include:

1. An introduction to the First Nations people of the area.                                         

2. Cultural uses of trees and plants
3. European uses of trees and plants for new tools and homes.
4. How European settlement quickly changed the landscape.


Please include: the age of your children, how many children you have and if you plan to be in attendance.


Masks are not required for outdoor school. They are voluntary, at this time.

Parents will be required to help by bringing handi-wipes, small garbage bags and take care of any personal hygiene or protocols that your family is following.


$35 per person. Please sign up for each person attending and I will require the names and ages. 



Wild Foraging for Families (OCT 17)