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Organically grown gourmet culinary garlic. Sold by the pound.


Harvesting in August, will be ready early September after curing and drying. Pre-order now to ensure you get your garlic!


Marbled Purple Stripes:

Red Russian:

Wonderful table garlic, large plump cloves, intense heat. One clove will go a long way! Easy to peel cloves. (~5 cloves per bulb)

Purple Russian:

Crisp texture, large cloves, strong heat but with a smoother finish than Red Russian. Easy to peel cloves. (~5 cloves per bulb)




Intense and aggressive. Very large and plump bulbs. Chefs love this one for its heat. (~4 huge cloves per bulb)


Popular porcelian garlic. High levels of allicin, long storage life. (~2-4 cloves per bulb)

Culinary Garlic by the Pound

  • Store up on your winter supply of garlic with a variety of flavours.


    Garlic comes in a varitety of flavours, textures, sizes and colour. Why deprive yourself to only one type when you can enjoy the vast array of complex flavours and uses found in the different cultivars?

    We only have four cultivars left in stock for the year. Get your winter supply before they are all gone!


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